Annual Purchase Plan

We care about your eyes!

Contact Lens Annual Purchase Plan is a convenient and affordable way to ensure you have contacts on hand.

Let’s face it, you are more likely to follow the prescribed usage schedule for your contact lenses when you have an on-hand supply at the ready.  This will help reduce the likelihood of wearing your lenses longer than the prescribed and lowers the chances of complications often associated with prolonged wear.

Additionally, you should consider a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV radiation and have a spare pair of eyeglasses to periodically give your eyes a rest.  Following these lens best practices helps ensure a lifetime of healthy eyes and great vision.

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Benefits of Annual Purchase Plan

  • Free Shipping
  • Free Replacement Lenses1
  • Free Rx Exchanges2
  • 25% Off Sunglasses3

1Within a 12 month period of the date of purchase(e.g. lost or torn lens replacement). 2If your Rx changes before your next annual appointment. 3Within 90 days of your annual supply purchase. Excludes Oakley Sun.

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