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If your child needs sports safety glasses, prescription sunglasses, or an extra pair of glasses for the classroom, schedule an appointment or just swing by to meet with one of our helpful opticians. We’ll help you find the best option tailored specifically for your family and your budget.

Be sure your kids are seeing their best and are ready for success on the first day of school.  This is a great time to take advantage of our most popular Buy One, Get One Eyeglass Sale for kids before school starts.

Kid's BOGO

Buy One, Get One Free for Kids

If you notice any of these signs, your child may need glasses:

  • FREQUENT SQUINTING (The filed of view is narrowed by squinting, helping those with poor vision to focus.)
  • FALLING GRADES (80% of learning is visual. Your child may be struggling to see what’s happening in the classroom.)
  • SHORT ATTENTION SPAN (If kids can’t see what’s going on, they can quickly lose interest.)
  • SENSITIVITY TO LIGHT (This can be a sign of an eye injury or allergies.)
  • TROUBLE IN SPORTS (As vision degrades, hand-eye coordination to see or hit a ball can suffer.)
  • AVOIDING USUAL ACTIVITIES (Kids may avoid activities such as reading if they struggle to see clearly.)
  • SITTING CLOSER TO THE TV (Kids will work around their deficiencies.)

Schedule your kids’ Back to School Eye Exams with one of our experienced Optometrists today and shop our Back to School Sale!

Offer valid August 1st – September 30th