Since starting my career in the vision industry, all of 1.5 years as of July 10th, I have often heard the term “Necessary Evil” in reference to glasses. I can’t say that I wasn’t of that same mindset myself when I was first prescribed glasses (glasses which I never wore despite commonly occurring headaches and a lot of blur during night driving). And even though I am a newb in this industry, my viewpoint has drastically changed in a very short time from glasses being a “Necessary Evil” to a “Necessity”! What made me radically change my mindset do you ask? The always fabulous Rachel Zoe eloquently put it into words by saying, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

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I think it’s about time that people apply a fashion mogul’s belief to glasses, just as we do to our wardrobes. Here are a few tips that I like to use when selecting a frame:

Let your glasses tell a story about who you are!

Glasses have the unique ability to give insight into your personality before someone even has the pleasure of speaking with you. Are you a tomboy at heart? Why not rock a boyfriend frame? Favorite genre of music punk rock? Why not pick a frame with a nod to leather and spike accents? Do you celebrate Pi every year on March 14th? Let that shine with a bold nerdy frame! Those little quirks that make you who you are, can be perfectly expressed through eyewear.

Have fun with your frames!

Don’t always go with the “safe option” when picking out your frames. Your eyewear doesn’t need to be the standard black or tortoise shell in order to “go with” the various pieces of your wardrobe. You can add a pop of color to any outfit with a fun, funky colored frame. Easily dress up an everyday outfit with a glittery semi-rimless cat eye. The possibilities really are endless.

Play with shapes!

Use the different shapes of frames to highlight or downplay various features. Have a rounded jawline and want to add some structure and angles? Square or rectangular frames give the illusion of angles. Want to narrow the face a bit? Choose a frame with slightly upswept corners. Need to soften an angular face? Go for a frame that is round or oval. Do you have an oval shaped face? You lucky duck! Get away with basically any shape. Just want to rock those heart shaped sunglasses with that beautiful mirror coat? Get down with your bad self!

If eyes are the windows to the soul why not treat them as we would treat a gorgeous view? Put a dazzling frame around them!


Article written by Ashley Anderson, Alpine Vision’s Administrative Manager in Lewiston