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Often referred to as sleep in the eyes, awakening with scratchy, crusty eyelids is generally a sign of a very common eye condition known as blepharitis.  Blepharitis literally means eyelid inflammation and typically is caused by an accumulation of skin oil and debris along with an associated overgrowth of bacteria that exists along the eyelid margin and the base of the eyelashes.  Over time the presence of this combination of factors referred to as biofilm causes low grade chronic inflammation that leads to a number of unwanted ocular conditions including recurrent styes and especially chronic dry eye syndrome.

The persistent inflammation associated with blepharitis gradually leads to dysfunctional tear production by negatively impacting important glands in the eyelids.  These structures referred to as Meibomian glands produce oils that support and maintain tear quality.  Generally, patients with long-standing blepharitis ultimately suffer from a dry eye, which involves a large host of signs and symptoms including dryness, burning, red eyes, sandy/gritty sensation, blurred vision and in severe cases permanent vision loss related to scarring of the ocular surface.

The onset of blepharitis can occur at any time, but the incidence increases with age.  Because the eyelids are often avoided in our daily hygiene routine the presence of biofilm tends to accumulate and compounds over our lifetime.  As biofilm increases the likelihood of developing blepharitis increases.  Although there is no cure for the condition, it can be effectively managed with complete and consistent removal of the biofilm.  Traditional management options have included at-home warm compresses with a warm washcloth and/or cleansing of the eyelids and lashes with baby shampoo using a Q-tip. These treatments are generally recommended twice daily and tend to yield minimal results, especially in the long-term due to waning patient compliance over time.

Blephex therapyRecently, a new treatment option called Blephex was developed offering greater initial relief along with a longer maintenance interval.  Similar to a dental hygiene treatment, the Blephex device deep cleans and exfoliates the eyelids and lashes as well as uncaps the critical Meibomian glands within the eyelids yielding results that generally last 4 to 6 months.  The procedure takes a brief 10-15 mins and involves a spinning medical grade micro-sponge that is painlessly applied to the eyelids and lashes removing all components of the problematic biofilm.

Patients suffering from blepharitis and it’s associated symptoms and/or those experiencing a dry eye benefit most from Blephex therapy.  The testing and treatment is easy.  The relief experienced is remarkable.  Call either of our offices to get more information or to schedule your consultation today.

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