From the forest to your face, Proof eyewear is easiestly the most eco-friendly glasses and sunglasses made. Proof eyewear is where style, nature, and eco- friendly meet.

The family company started by brother Brooks Dame out of his garage on a laptop at night after his day job started in 2010. The idea for wooden frames stemmed from a failed bamboo ski pole Brooks was trying to make in his garage. While wood based glasses was a new and fresh idea, the Dame brothers grew up with “sawdust in their veins” working at the sawmill their grandpa Bud started back in 1954. When they weren’t at school or the sawmill the brothers were out exploring Idaho’s great outdoors.

Proof now has a flagship store in Boise, Idaho, a huge transformation from a laptop and rack of sunglasses in a garage. How did the Dame brothers get here though? Brooks asked brothers Tanner and Taylor, while they were still in college, to join him on this adventure. The day after they launched their website they took Proof frames to their first trade show. The response they received was overwhelming and surpassed the brothers expectations.

Ever heard of Shark Tank? You may recognize the brothers or Proof from their appearance in 2013. The Dame brothers ultimately turned down the offers from Shark Tank and continued on their own, opening their flagship store October of that year. Proof received funding from multiple projects on Kickstart and felt that the support there was better than anything Shark Tank could offer them.

As if Proof wasn’t already cool enough their bird logo and Do Good project set them apart all the more. The bird and Do Good go hand in hand. The brothers believe in being global citizens . We had the chance to interview Keara Donick at Proof and asked about their upcoming project, The Uganda Project. Keara said that with their socially-conscious business model they have been able to give back on a project-by-project basis. Thanks to customer support they’ve donated over 12% of annual profits to their Do Good Program. They believe even a small amount can dramatically shift the trajectory of a person’s life. For The Uganda Project they have teamed with HELP International, with them and monetary donation Proof employees will spend the week of Thanksgiving in Uganda working on various projects. These projects include well digging projects, education initiatives, as well as sponsoring vision screenings and some life-changing surgeries. “Everyone has wings to fly, some just need a little help”, hence the bird logo. If you’re interested in going head to their website for a chance to accompany them this November.

All this is great but what about the glasses? Proof is eco friendly. Their glasses are made from sustainable materials including FSC-certified wood, cotton-based acetate, and repurposed skateboard decks. Yep you read that right, repurposed skateboard decks, reduce reuse and recycle. Donick gets their decks from Sector 9; Sector 9 sends them their scraps where Proof then repurposes them into one of a kind frames that make up their Skate Line. So glasses made out of wood, those can’t last right? Wrong. Proof treats and coats all their frames to ensure they remain water resistant. What does that mean? You are free to hang out in the water with them, bonus they float, and it won’t cause expansion or anything beyond normal wear and tear of everyday use. Proof’s employee’s love being outdoors and in nature so the brand had to live up to that. They’re doing a pretty great job at it too. All of their frames are named after family members or places around Idaho that inspire them, frames like Bud after their grandpa, the Boise after our state’s capital, and the McCall after McCall Idaho. The question you’re all dying to know, when will they have a Moscow inspired frame? I asked Donick the same thing, and I was assured they would add that to their list of things to do!

To further expand their love of outdoors they have teamed up with numerous photographers and videographers for their Proof Frontier Project. The project allows for Proof to connect with people who exemplify the mission of Proof and see their products through a whole different perspective. They love sharing adventure with everyone they can and the Frontier Project does that, and it encourages people to get outside and explore new places and the great outdoors.

Proof employee’s are just as grounded and friendly as their products. The Boise flagship store is connected to Proof headquarters so the employees have the opportunity to interact with customers on a daily basis. They work hard to foster a very collaborative workspace, Donick says that it’s a wonderful place to work, there’s awesome creativity and positive energy, and they try to keep that everyday. We think they’re doing a wonderful job!

Check out the photos to see some of their frames as well as the brothers, their feature on shark tank, and their most recent project The Philippines Project from February of this year. Then head over to our Facebook or Instagram to find out how to win a pair of Proof!