What is Blue Light? How does it relate to your Ocular Health? Blue Light is part of the visible light spectrum. It’s different though because it reaches deeper into your eyes and comes from more than just the sun. Blue Light can be found all around us, from computer screens, tablets, phones, and even our televisions.

So is all Blue Light bad? Not all Blue Light is bad but it should be filtered. Why should it be filtered? Lets think about this, do you struggle with sleep?  Our internal clocks are synced by light, Blue Light tells our bodies it’s day, Red Lights help melatonin production indicating it’s night. Blue Light disrupts melatonin production telling our bodies it’s not as late as it is. The thing about this Blue Light is that it’s not just coming from the sun, it’s produced by our tablets, phones, computers, tv’s, essentially any electronic device we use daily. Does this sound familiar? You get ready for bed, turn everything off, climb into bed and start scrolling your phone or your tablet. It’s common most of us do it. Our screens keep feeding our bodies more Blue Light making it harder to fall asleep or even stay asleep.

Blue Light does more than disrupt your sleep, it pierces deeper into your eye which can cause eye strain and tired eyes. Long exposure to Blue Light over time, we’re talking years here, can lead to diseases like Cataracts and Macular Degeneration.

How do we combat this when Blue Light is all around us? We can’t stop going to work or using our devices to communicate, that’s a bit unreasonable. When using your electronic devices at night turn down the screen brightness. There are also apps that have been designed to reduce the Blue Light and help emit Red Light, which will aid in better sleep. How about during the day? There are lenses you can get for your glasses that have Blue Blocking coatings to help reduce Blue Light intake. We offer our Elite + lenses as a solution for everyone no matter the type of frame you have. The lenses are the biggest bang for your buck so to speak. These lenses have the most Comprehensive UV Protection, the lenses have a 2 year warranty, they repel dust, repel water, resist smudges & are scratch resistant. So what makes them Elite + ? That would be the Blue Violet Light Protection against your electronic devices. The Elite + lenses are also anti-fogging and they have State of the Art Glare Reduction which is a huge benefit when driving. Added bonus? For every Elite + lens purchased we donate a pair of glasses to someone in need in your name!

We are so passionate about your eyes in our office. We constantly share the lightest designs and styles for glasses, so this time we wanted to focus on the lenses you use to see through and how they can help you see the difference while protecting your eyes. The Blue Light blocking lenses we offer will help you day to day in reducing tired eyes and eye strain, and they will help you long term by keeping ocular diseases at bay.

We love your eyes and you, have more questions, need to know more? Stop into one of our offices and we can tell you all you need or could possibly want to know about ocular health and Blue Light.

P.S. Curious what Blue Light lenses look like? Check out our Facebook page for really neat videos and simulations & browse the photos for some of our very own employee’s glasses that have our Elite + lenses in them.