Back to school is such an exciting time! There’s school supplies to bought, outfits to pick out, and friend to be made. This time of year for us is busy with annual exams and back to school check ups, we love it. It’s especially exciting to help pick out glasses with kids.

So when do you have your kid’s eyes checked, how old should they be, and how frequent should they be seen? American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Ophthalmology state that infants should have their eyes checked at every well baby checkup. At 6 months infants should have their eyes checked by their Pediatrician or their General Practitioner then each year following. An emphasis should be placed on visual health for a child as soon as they are old enough to complete the exam, typically this is around 3-4 years of age. What if your kid is younger? Our doctors are happy to see them too!

There are signs too that can indicate that it might be time for a kid to be seen. Is your child squinting at the TV or sitting really close? Do they hold a book close to their face? Other things that are not as visual would be your child complaining of their head hurting or getting frequent headaches. Your kid might say things are blurry or they look funny. For kids who are a little older maybe they are seeing words jump around on pages or the board.

Some kiddo’s back to school isn’t as exciting because their eyes are struggling or they do have glasses and they’re uncomfortable. We have ways to help! Not sure where to start? Stop by either one of our locations and we can show you all the options, we know we’ll find one that works for you as a parent and works for your kiddos.

While you’re here with us, check out some the frames we have in perfect for Back to School. Also if you haven’t see what we’ve been up to this week there’s photos of Dr. Polito talking to a preschool and some really cute kiddos in glasses!  To stay up to date be sure to check back next week and follow us daily on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Happy Back to School, Hope to SEE you soon!