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New school year, new you right? Ray Ban’s campaign NEVER HIDE is all about owning who you are and being the most stylish thing, which is, yourself.

Ray Ban has come a long way since their first pair of Aviators. Ray Ban got it’s start in 1929 when Lieutenant General John MacCready asked American company Bausch & Lomb to make a pair of glasses that would reduce glare for pilots. The prototypes were called “Anti-Glare” in 1936. The prototypes had green lenses which helped cut out the blue light and reduced glare and haze. In 1938 they introduced impact resistant lenses and the Ray Ban Aviator was born. In 1952 Ray Ban branched out and created the Wayfarer which had plastic frames; the now standard G-15 green and gray lenses were introduced the year following. Ray Ban’s next big step came in 1965 when they launched the Olympian I & II. The Olympian wouldn’t gain popularity for another four years, when Peter Fonda would wear them in the film Easy Rider.

Ray Ban started gaining traction and there was no slowing down. By the 1970’s Ray Ban saw the need for prescription lenses and branched out beyond the sunglasses. They would continue to innovate and design the most popular and reliable frames for the nearly the next thirty years. In 1999 Ray Ban was acquired by an Italian based group, Luxottica, along with other Bausch & Lomb products for $640 Million. Luxottica would keep the style, fashion forward, and quality Ray Ban is known for, but they would give the brand a makeover and branch the brand out to meet the needs of all ages.

Finally the Ray Ban today, launched NEVER HIDE in 2007 where Ray Ban focused on the unique and individualism of each of its wearer’s. Through this campaign and Ray Ban’s continued level of reliability and style, the company has stayed at the forefront of Pop Culture. Ray Ban is still the number one pick for studios when it comes to eyewear. While Ray Ban’s campaign is nearly 10 years old NEVER HIDE still is a part of Ray Ban in celebrating being true to yourself no matter who that is and never hiding from who you are individually.

We are proud to carry such an iconic brand of eyewear. Looking for a place to start for your glasses or sunglasses this school year? Come check out our new Ray Ban display and find the right pair that allow you to be your most stylish you.