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We are so excited to share updates and happenings of our office with you all in a completely different way than before.

Have you seen our Facebook posts this week? Today we announced that we are proud to carry the Lafont line for women. So to kick off this blog we wanted to share some of the wonderful frames we will be carrying as well as a little history and why it’s such a wonderful opportunity to have these frames in our Moscow Office.

Lafont is a name that has been known to eyewear since 1923 thanks to Louis Lafont. Today Lafont is still a family business run by Philippe, Louis’ grandson, and Philippe’s wife Laurence Lafont. Philippe is the CEO and Laurence is the genius behind the eyewear design which takes frames and creates genuine fashion accessories. Their own design all started when Laurence Lafont in the 70’s told her husband “it’s a pity there isn’t any eyewear for our generation”. Her & her husband would hand paint RayBan frames to offer them in more colors. At the time the Wayfarer was really popular but only offered in black. Her husband asked her to design a line for their boutique; it sold so well optician’s around France called for their eyewear. In 1979 they completely immersed themselves in eyewear design. The couple emphasize elegance, luxury, and family values at their company.

Lafont owns and operates four of their own boutiques, including the original, and exports to over 40 countries. The family has maintained full control over creative design since the beginning, which is handled in their own design studio, currently managed by Thomas Lafont. Each season Lafont unveils about 30 new models for men, women, and kids.

Lafont design takes old school styles like pantos and catseye and adds it’s own flare with a touch of avant-garde. 70% of their eyewear colors are exclusive and handmade. Their frames not only have over 200 color combinations but also unique mix and match material options. With Parisian flare, the rich culture and history give the brand a certain “je ne sais quoi”. Making the Lafont frames unique and luxurious, as well as a family name in the eyewear business.

You can see why we are so excited to be one of the select distributors of the Lafont name. Even before our announcement we have sold a few of the Lafont frames and are pleased that you our patients are loving the brand as much as we do! Check out some of the frames we have in our Moscow Office currently.